Who We Are

The Company, its history and its values.


BIQUADRO S.r.l. was founded in 2007 as a company specialized in designing and manufacturing sheet metal components for third parties. During its business, the company has supported its customers in increasingly complex projects, developing ad-hoc solutions for any specific need. The variety of customers and projects has led to the development of considerable operational versatility. This allows Biquadro to develop technical solutions, capable of responding to the most specific design requirements.
Biquadro currently operates in two production plants based in Bagnoli di Sopra (Padua).


The business in the marine industry starts thanks to a close collaboration with a leading manufacturer of motor yachts.

To date, the Biquadro Marine business unit provides materials and outfitting solutions for both yachts and mega yachts, as well as for large ships, to shipyards and outfitters. Whether it is a matter of developing its customers’ requests with tailor-made solutions developed on a specific project, or instead of implementing standard “catalog” solutions, the focus is always on granting the highest products quality and reliability, with a special attention to the reduction of set-up and maintenance times and costs on board.


Biquadro offers standardized, extremely reliable and tested solutions and systems to be applied into customer’s specific project. In the same way, Biquadro offers customized products and systems, designed according to the specific needs of the shipyards, granting rapid realization, both of prototypes (mock-ups) and small batches, as well as mass production.

All the solutions created to date are the result of careful analysis, often carried out directly on board and working side by side with the shipyards.
Biquadro has supported many of its customers right from the design stage of interiors, false ceilings and floors for several different boat projects, always managing to combine and match technical, qualitative, economic and timing requirements.

In the cruise sector, Biquadro is appreciated for its ability to provide REFINED AND EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS FOR COMPLEX DESIGN NEEDS

In the yacht and mega yacht segment, there is less demand for design customization rather than it is requested for cruise ships. in these segments, customers trust on Biquadro products and systems for their effectiveness and reliability, together with ease and speed of installation, thanks to which they simplify on-board operations. SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE AND FUNCTIONAL SYSTEMS which, for this reason, are also ECONOMICAL.


To develop customers ideas and requests, combining product quality and total reliability of the solutions, with due attention to reducing time and costs of on-board operations.