Bayonet panels coupling

Product description

Bajofix is a bayonet panels coupling system which allows an easy sequential dismantling of the finishing panels Designed to guarantee a perfect mutual alignment between the finishing panels, even when bearing panels are not perfectly planar. Bajofix can be used to match components with various finishes and materials, from lacquering to essence, from tapestry panels to different lighter ones.
Bajofix has been engineered and sized to reduce the number of needed pieces by almost 50% and
to grant the best alignment between finishing panels.
Bajofix can be used both on walls or ceiling panels.

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Bajofix perfectly matches with other Safetyfix® systems, like fall-arrest and fall restraint solutions or pressure button fasteners Spazio 6 and Spazio 6.40.

Product variants

• Bajofix Bianco (cod. H700-1016) – white colour bayonet coupling system
• Bajofix Nero (cod. H700-1017) – black colour bayonet coupling system

Ø 3.5 mm countersunk flat head screw – Screws and pin not included.
When using adhesives or paints, pay attention to whether they are compatible with polycarbonate.


• Perfect alignment is granted
• Ultra-fast and precise assembly
• 50% less pieces needed, compared with main competitor systems

Bajofix allows a slight movement between supporting panel and finishing panel, to allow the ideal adjustment of the components to be installed. It is characterized by 6 countersunk holes on both sides, which make its use extremely flexible. In addition, the thinnest part is also slightly flared, in order to facilitate the interlocking between the two elements during assembly.


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