Safety Fix Systems

The new generation of pressure coupling systems


Safetyfix® is the complete range of pressure fixing systems, specific for the assembly of ceiling and wall panels, designed to guarantee absolute stability and tightness. It is mainly composed by the family of  pressure coupling systems (buttons), bayonets and innovative fall arrest systems. This range of products is constantly evolving, thanks to a Research and Development process that incorporates requests and needs from customers, to develop new accessories or new product variants, with the aim of facilitating assembly work, reducing time and costs, always maintaining a perfect and stable coupling between the panels.
Safetyfix®, the new generation of Pressure Coupling Systems!
The advantages, compared to other coupling systems are:
  • extreme simplicity;
  • maximum safety with constant traction fall arresters;
  • fewer fixing points;
  • maximum stability and sealing;
  • perfect coupling between the panels;
  • complete and constantly evolving range.


  • Safetyfix®  product range was recognized since the beginning for its ability to innovate in simplicity and aiming for absolute practicality.In fact, already in 2019, during the Seatec-Compotec edition, both the QUALITEC Technology and QUALITEC Design awards were awarded to Safetyfix®.
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