Reliable and lean solutions

Yachts and mega yachts are increasingly customized according to the owner’s tastes and choices.

Designers are also always looking for new developments, to create something new and better. In this context, customers rely on Biquadro products and systems for their proven effectiveness and reliability. A portfolio of solutions that are both standardized and solid, but also flexible and constantly evolving. Each product line is developed on the three cornerstones of effectiveness, reliability and focus on installation ease and speed, to simplify operations on board.


Biquadro solutions include floating floors systems, fasteners with dampers, Alluquadro® aluminum structures for ceilings and walls, fireproof panels and the whole range of Safetyfix® pressure coupling systems.

The NEW generation of pressure fastening systems.

Particular attention should be given to the Safetyfix product range, the line of pressure button or bayonet coupling systems, specific for the assembly of ceiling and wall panels, which guarantees absolute stability and tightness.

This range of products is constantly evolving, thanks to a Research and Development process that incorporates customers’ requests and needs, to develop the new generation of pressure fastening systems.

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